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Thank you for visiting . We thought we would share with you on how we started our social entrepreneurship journey and why we believe in making a career out of protecting our ocean and just overall removing potential wastage from our homes.





Save aquatic life, preserve nature, make the world better.


History of

Untitled-111.png was founded in 2018 when we came across a viral video of a team of scientists trying to pull out a plastic straw from the nostril of a sea turtle. That really shattered our hearts and we realised that we were all disposing single use plastic straw wherever we go. We were also hit by the fact that vast amount of plastic waste including plastic bottles, plastic bags and plastic food containers were being thrown away after a single use. As we started doing our research online, we came to realise that the best option is to first create awareness followed by the 3R - refuse, reduce and to reuse.

One of the biggest obstacles we faced was to source for the most reliable 304 food grade stainless steel manufacturer as we wanted to offer a safe and affordable product range to our customers whom can use for a lifetime.

We are proud to share that our stainless steels are tested, verified and certified in Singapore! Our products are 100% made of 304 food grade stainless steel that are safe for daily use, and are completely plastic free.

Our very first product was our best-selling wheat / canvas straw sets that comes along with 3 stainless steel straws (1 straight, 1 bent & 1 milk tea straw) & a cleaning brush. Subsequently, we added collapsible straw & wheat set cutlery to our current range of products.  

GOAL for

Our promise to you


Tested & certified in Singapore, our straws are made of 304 food grade stainless steel. We only offer products that will last and safe to use. As part of your effort to reduce plastic footprint, you will realise that our online shop does not impose any minimum order nor mailing fee. We hope to see everyone carry a reusable straw wherever you go! To us, this is the best way to minimize our environmental impact.


Moving forward, we hope to collaborate with cafes, restaurants to eliminate the use of single use plastic straws and we are dreaming big to work with both government agencies as well as the private sectors in creating more awareness to reduce our plastic footprints.


Plastic  – the deadly aftermath

Daily half a billion straws are disposed into our ecosystem, and it eventually finds its way into the sea which is part of it. The accumulation of plastic in our seas is gradually becoming a severe global crisis. Currently, over 40 percent of the sea's surface is covered by plastic debris, and this is a major threat to aquatic life. When sea turtles or other aquatic animals are in direct contact with plastic it can be quite deadly, a lot of them get entangled in the plastic junk, some have parts of plastic blocking vulnerable parts of their body, and some ingest the plastic and can die from poisoning. Truth be told, if people do not stand up to reduce this pollution, in the nearest future there may be no hope for aquatic life.


The Difference We Strive For

While most people are so focused on making money, trying to live more prominent and better while forgetting the fundamental issues we all face we stand out and stand firm to protect our world and make it a lot greener! Plastic straws are widely used on a daily basis in a tremendous volume; all we do is to play our simple part in making the oceans safe for aquatic life one step at a time. So, we were stuck at some point trying to come up with an innovation that could replace the polluting straws, and then we came up with the idea of our stainless steel straws (metal straws).

Our Stainless Steel Straws – the hope of a cleaner sea


Replace your plastic straws with our reusable steel straws (metal straws) which are 304 food grade stainless steel, it’s totally safe to use for drinking, and it’s fully certified in Singapore! The idea of the stainless steel straws is a total game changer; it reduces pollution, promotes better hygiene and adds just another spice of class to our contemporary modern day life.

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