Giving Back pledge to contribute back a portion of our profits to the following organizations and we are thankful to those who have switched over to sustainable alternatives. Always bear in mind to only buy eco friendly products if you need to and wish to make an effort in using it.



Established in 1995, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) is an independently managed, non-profit and non-government organisation (NGO). We influence thinking on sustainability issues and coordinate environmental efforts in Singapore.

We are also an approved charity and offer tax exemption to donors. SEC continuously engages all sectors of the community by formulating and executing a range of holistic programmes, such as the Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards, Asian Environmental Journalism Awards, School Green Awards, Singapore Green Labelling Scheme, Project: Eco-Office, Project: Eco-Shop and Project: F&B. In addition, we build a pool of committed volunteers under our Earth Helpers programme.

Our Training & Education arm provides the people, public and private sectors with the opportunity to develop awareness, knowledge, skills and tools in order to protect and improve our environment for a sustainable future.

Strong partnerships with corporations, government agencies and other NGOs are valued by us. These partnerships are vital for sustaining our programmes, leading to positive action and change. Over the years, SEC has given strength and direction to the environmental movement in Singapore.

Garden City Fund


Caring and conserving our marine biodiversity is the social responsibility of every individual.

The Garden City Fund's Plant-A-Coral programme is a platform for organisations and individuals to support the habitat enhancement efforts at the Sisters' Island Marine Park.

The programme aims to enhance our marine biodiversity by providing areas for marine organisms to grow and reef fish to seek refuge. Coral nubbins (small coral fragments) will be transplanted from a coral nursery to Reef Enhancement Units.

The donation will support conservation and research efforts including:

Marine Turtle Conservation Programme  |  Coral Reef Programme  |  Species Recovery Programme |  Outreach and Education Programmes  | 

Other conservation programmes

Novel Coronavirus Response 

Red Cross


2019 Novel Coronavirus - Singapore Red Cross to launch public appeal to support affected and at-risk communities

Singapore, 4 February 2020 - The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) will launch a public appeal to deliver assistance and support communities in China, affected or at risk of being affected by the novel coronavirus outbreak. SRC welcomes the seed money which will be contributed by the Singapore Government towards this public appeal.

Later today, a two-man team from Singapore Red Cross (SRC) will be going to the Asia Pacific Office of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), which is coordinating the Red Cross Movement response to the coronavirus outbreak, to discuss broad strategies and the areas of possible SRC support. Another person will be deployed to the IFRC Office in Kuala Lumpur, for the next few weeks, to support the response efforts of the Movement.

Meanwhile in Singapore, the SRC has been engaging communities, online and offline, to promote behaviours that reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting the virus, and to facilitate community understanding and acceptance of infection prevention and control measures. SRC volunteers are providing advice to beneficiaries, especially vulnerable elderly persons, to help to prevent misinformation, rumours and panic. SRC has also posted informative prevention messages on social media.

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