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The Better Alternative

When we hear straw, our heart skips due to a factual statistics we once read that “straws makes the list as one of the top ten marine debris items found on our beaches”. Why then do people continue opting for items that destroy the environment and their lives? Destroy their lives also? Yes! we mean their lives if this may be your question, and this is how they do that.

Apart from being a contributor to the concerns about land-fill from plastics and other non-biodegradable materials, plastic straws are known to contain bisphenol A (BPA) – a toxic chemical present in many plastics with various negative health effects on the brain, behavior and increased blood pressure.

So, won’t it be the best time to say a firm goodbye to plastic straws, BPA and land-fill?

What then is The Way Out?

Stainless steel straw (metal straw) is absolutely the best alternative. Made of food grade 304 stainless steel, verified and certified in Singapore, our stainless steel straws come in different diameter, size, and shape. They are designed to serve all your beverages such as milk tea (bubble tea), shakes and smoothies, tea and fruit juice perfectly.

Why You Should Opt for Stainless Steel Straw

Sure you won’t want to sip your beverages with a troubled mind regarding concerns related to the plastic straw. If so, go for stainless steel straw (metal straw) because:

  • They are made of 100% food grade 304 stainless steel

  • They are tested, verified and certified in Singapore

  • They are rust free

  • They are Bisphenol A (BPA) free

  • They are reusable, What more?

  • They are simply safe, period. 


How To Maintain Your Stainless Steel Straws (Metal Straws)

Without any concern for breakage or rust, you can wash your stainless steel straws (metal straw) using its cleaning brush which is sure to remove dirt and other particles from inside the straw tube.

Preferably, you can soak your stainless steel straw (metal straw) in hot clean water to sterilize it for subsequent use. Finally, don’t forget to return straw into its pouch when not in use to avoid particles stuffing the tube.


Little things are little, but carefulness in little things makes them great. Play your part in landfill rescue as well as living a healthy life. Choice wisely and embrace the best alternative for your beverages – the stainless steel straws (metal straws).

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