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Don’t Allow Straws To Stray

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Ever tried holding your breath for 60 Seconds, which is a minute. It would be extremely cumbersome, unless you are trained to do so. Imagine how difficult and uncomfortable would it be for those meek and helpless creatures. Who often fall prey to plastic goods. And eventually succumb to death. We would suggest you to being with using our Stainless steel corporate gift metal straws.

metal straws singapore

After viewing a heart wrenching clip of a few scientists pulling out a plastic drinking straw; from the nostril of a turtle. We hit upon a plan of replacing plastic drinking straws with "corporate gift metal straws". Our Stainless steel recyclable straws come in a set of three in a pouch, inclusive of a straight straw, a bent one, a milk tea straw and a cleaning brush to ensure hygiene. Our products are 100% food grade, tested verified and certified in Singapore, these are straws are free of Bis-phenol A.

where to buy metal straw in singapore

Our products are made into different sizes and diameters, in accordance to individual need and types of beverages.Stainless steel straws are the best possible replacements to the plastic drinking straws. Rendering to be a corporate gift metal straw. Our online shop does not identify any minimum order or any mailing fee. We aspire to work with Government as well as private sectors. We aim to join our hand with various cafes, hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

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