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Our Social Responsibility Footprint

While our services focus on perfect sustainable product options for our planet, we also care about community involvement as much as we do for our business.

We are committed to giving back to the community in ways that strengthen the overall well-being of individuals, families, and organizations. We believe that the essence of life is service and that lending a hand is what causes the tremendous meaningful positive changes that we want in our communities.

On a larger scale, we pledge to donate a portion of our profit and resources to promote initiatives that focus on supporting people in our communities. We are proud to announce that we are making our first mission trip to Batam island, Indonesia on the 28th of January.

Sure, we recognize more than ever that with such trip comes even greater responsibility. It will not only add to the well-being of the community but will foster a company culture of mutual trust among our team and the idea of giving back. Through this means we can change how we think, break down boundaries and leave a positive imprint on communities. As a company, we're making a stand for what we believe in.

We also care about the impact we make on the environment that is why we are committed to continuing the evolution of environmentally sound products and processes. As an accredited social enterprise we have developed and implemented a range of policies to ensure our activities and business maintain a sustainable workplace.

In all, we aim at impacting the lives of individuals in our community, and managing our environmental responsibilities sustainably. Our service to the community is collective as well as on an individual basis because it matters to us and it matters to our members.

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